Friday, December 26, 2014

Winter Gloves-Portollano Womens High Fashion Gloves-Ladies Gloves- Winter Gloves

You almost never find orange gloves anymore so of course I jumped on board when given the opportunity to review these through Tomoson.  What I have found is that these fit fairly snug. I do have small long fingers and hands. But for whatever reason they just feel a little snug. I do however like the fit because it feels more natural and less glove like. I have spoken to others who have received these gloves who did not have that problem so maybe it was just mine. I'm not sure if these have any shrinkage as I have not washed mine yet. My sister has had a fit for them because they are such a bright orange color. If you want to pick up a pair of these hard to find gloves you can do so at the following link.

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