Friday, January 9, 2015

Petunia makeup brushes

I received these brushes through Tomoson at no charge to me for review.
I'm a girly girl so of course I was excited to review these. 
First things first the case they come in is super cute and durable but has a bad paint type smell that needs to air out. The brushes work perfectly and come with a pamphlet describing the use for each brush the big blush brush sheds quit a bit but this could be due to the fact I have not washed them yet. Over all I love them however I'm not sure that the price of around $80.00 is accurate. I believe at most I would pay maybe 45 but then I'm I don't like to spend money so hard to say.  What I can say is they are well put together and seem as though they will last for quite some time so if your big into makeup and a professional or not you should check these out.

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