Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Superstart car battery

I had to let you guys know about this battery I'm not an auto mechanic and don't really know all that much about cars but what I do know is last Friday my car wouldn't start. You know the dreaded click click click of a dead battery. Saturday I went to O'Reillys which is where I bought the battery and of course thinking I hadn't had it all that long thought I would swap it out under my warranty. Little did I know I have had it since 2007. Today this year is 2015 that makes this battery 8 years old and had no problems until now. I'm amazed. Even O'Reillys employees were impressed. I will never buy another brand you had me at you bought this battery in 2007. Job well done.

P.s. the employees were able to charge it up and I used it a whole week longer.

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