Monday, March 23, 2015

Get your karaoke on

We do lots of karaoke at my house and my husband plays almost every instrument made so good quality sound is important to us.
I was presented with an opportunity to review the Audio 2000s ADM1064B Dynamic Karaoke / Vocal Microphone and I must say for a 10 dollar mic this produces great sound without the feedback that many mics have. The cord is plenty long and the 1/4 jack will fit any amp. We have many mics that cost so much more and this is comparable to them.
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Every good mic needs a decent mixer so along with this mic I received the Audio2000's Aud7005 6-Channel Portable Audio Mixer.  This is ideal for drum kit microphones, quartets singing microphones, guitars and even keyboards.  This makes an Excellent splitter. As an example you can take 4 quarter inch Jacks whether that's mics or instrument's plug them into the mixer then into a power amp which allows you to individually control the volume. This also frees up spots on your amp. Easy to use and portable as the you have the option of plugging it into the wall or operate with batteries.  Produces clear quality sound and I love the portability.

While your there check out some of Ez pro gears other great products.

I was given the opportunity to test these products and both more than exceed my expectations.

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