Thursday, February 12, 2015

Texting gloves by Igotech

So there isn't much worse than being outside when it's cold and your wearing gloves your hands are nice and warm and your phone rings. What to do? Do you take off your gloves to answer your phone or miss the call? Now their are gloves that you can wear and type on your touch screen phone. I don't know how they work but somehow they do. The tips of three fingers on each glove are a light grey color but they feel just the same as the rest of the glove. I have had no problems answering or using my smart phone with these gloves on. I wish they came in a multitude of colors might be the only flaw I can see. You can pick you up a pair of these techy gloves in amazon by clicking Here and they have a great price of under 10 bucks. I received this product for review purposes through Tomoson. 

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