Tuesday, February 16, 2016

My Best friend

I spend a lot of time talking about my grandma and how she means more to me than anyone in the world. While I have always leaned on her and looked to her for guidance and felt as though no one could ever have my heart the way she does and no one could ever completely understand me the way she does, there is one person who reigns in really close. Who you ask? My husband, Sammy Mantuano. I have spent the better part of today thinking about just how much I love him and how somehow when I was busy with work or home life or just everyday routine  I not only fell in love with him, I learned to rely on him and to turn to him when I was in need of a friend or good advice. "Love" that one word that I really thought I could never completely feel for anyone. I don't always have the right words to say or make the best choices but yet somehow he loves me anyways.  The hundreds of times I have been sick or in trouble he would go to the ends of the earth 10 times and back again just make it all better. The man who works two jobs seven days a week and does it with a smile all so we can have the things we have and afford the health care I always seem to need. How could there ever be anyone that compares to grandma I always told myself and yet here he is and I'm married to him. We don't always see eye to eye and lord knows we have had our fights. I remember I use to get so mad at him I would take off walking but I always knew he would come to find me until one day he didnt. Imagine how mad I was when I walked back home. But see he knew before even I did that we are the perfect pair. Equally tempered, giving and kind. And he knew if he didnt come for me,  I would come back. One half of my heart belongs to grandma and the other half belongs to my wonderful husband who doesn't do anything halfway. I have always looked at bales of hay and thought of us. I'm the messy pile that looks half put together and he the neatly woven bale without a single piece out of place and together we make it work through the good times and the bad. To my best friend thank you for always looking out for me and taking such good care of me when I'm not well.  But most of all Thank you for staying when so many times it would have been easier for you to walk away.

I love you the mostest.

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