Monday, August 3, 2015

Vera Adeline Dutton

Who in this world do you inspire to be?
I remember my childhood like it was yesterday and that memory is one thing I'm grateful to have. Growing up would have been so much different without my grandma she was always there with a guiding hand and an open heart.

 I was her shadow she would say where she went I went even when she worked. She took care of elderly sick people and I remember this one lady said tell that little girl with the big eyes to stop looking at me it creeps me out. Of course grandma just scooped me right up and told me I didn't have big eyes they were her eyes and she loved them. Oh how I love her. All the mud pies she pretended to eat and the paper dolls and dress up. As I grew up and took a job and a life of my own she always knew the right words to say when I was having a bad day. She would say Becky some people just can't help it. Or now Becky you can't have hate in your heart, you have to let that go. 

I have learned to do that as I have gotten older I just think well they can't help their stupid selves and then I think no Becky don't call them stupid that's just mean and hateful and remember what grandma taught you. All the stories she would tell. 

I love her stories I could hear them over and over again. If there is one person in this entire world I want to be when I grow up (if that ever happens) is my grandma my heart and my soul without her I don't know who I would be. To one she may be just somebody but to me she is my world.

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