Thursday, September 25, 2014

Body Merry Eye Cream

Wow, I love this stuff. I'm new to eye creams but the few I have tried prior were horrible. I received this one to try and its great. It takes very little, comes in a cute little pump bottle. This product goes on smooth and is non greasy and dries quickly (which so far has been my experience with body merry products). The first night I put this on and went straight to bed and re-applied in the morning. I should mention than it can be worn under your makeup so you can look great and be looking younger too. It also can be used on both men and women. So the morning that I applied I stopped at the store for cigarettes I know hence part of my reason for needing cream and having wrinkles but I'm not here to talk about that. The lady at the register actually carded me! can you believe it? I thought wow this stuff is good I haven't been 18 in more years than I can count on both my hands and she was serious. Now there is no magic potion to rewind all the years but we can certainly take back a few of them. I will be taking mine back with Body Merry. If interested you can find it on Amazon for under $20.00 dollars a bottle and you can not beat that deal.

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