Friday, August 25, 2017

Helping others to show that good is still in the world

Mostly we spend our lives only thinking of how things are for us and our family or at least I do, but then something happens and you realize the life you live or the problems you have are so small compared to those of others. A sweet young child I learned of today is having some complications and is at Children's hospital now , the child has medicaid so her bills will paid for. However, her mother just had back surgery and has not left her side. Her vehicle is broken down and barely even has a change of clothes or money to eat for herself. Now from what I have heard, medicaid will pay for her to eat too, however because the neurologist won't come to the hospital the mother had to check herself and her daughter out to go to him which starts the time over again (because you have to be their so many days before they will pay). I'm goin to attach a link to her funding page in hopes for a little help for this family because I have to believe that this world is not all evil and there are people out there that care.Let's show this family how we care please click on the link to support.

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