Monday, August 24, 2015

Ozeri green earth 8 inch pan

This company backs all of their products with a full warranty against any defects. I love my green earth pan. It's sturdy and absolutely nothing sticks to it. I could put this pan next to any others that I currently own or have owned and it is with out a doubt the best. I'm saddened I don't have the lid so will need to be purchasing that. What I have noticed is due to the thickness of this pan it takes a little longer to heat up but it also means you stand less of a chance of burning your food. I find it to cook evenly and is deep enough to cook those larger meals for bigger crowds. I used mine just tonight to make spaghetti for 8 people. Because Of it's non stick service clean up is a breeze. I recommend this product to any one who is tired of scrubbing away on those supposed non stick pans. You can find out more about Ozeri and check out some of their other products by checking out their Facebook page:
Or on
I should tell you these guys make more than just good cook ware so go check them out for yourselves.

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