Sunday, March 22, 2015

The concealed backpack to top all backpacks

Tired of never being able to carry your supplies in one bag? Or the bag ripping due to the weight? That's not an issue at all with the concealed backpack I have found.

This bag is a Roma and its made from strong durable web-reinforced nylon materials. It's lightweight and its waterproof. That's right I said it waterproof!  Could double as a umbrella on rainy days or at least keep your supplies dry. This bag has so many zippers and pockets it's unbelievable. It also has a nice cushioned back to it so not to break your back carrying it and as a concealed back pack it has a carrying case for your handgun. I highly recommend for those hunters, military personnel and gun toters.  The straps are adjustable and could easily be used for survival supplies.

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here is what some of the other reviewers have said

" husband was wanting a bag for, as he put it, "a whatever I want to do with it" bag. Transport his gun equipment, gear for work, over night travel, and other similar things. It came down between this bag and another one and 2 things caused me to go with this one: 1) it was cheaper and 2) it is waterproof. it also had as a concealed carry pocket with a holster that attaches via velcro inside the pocket. The cool thing about this, is that there is a zipper on either side of the pocket to access the holster/gun. So lefties can use it just as easily as right-handed people. The felt/holster material wraps around the whole thing, so it doesn't matter where you put it, it will stick. There are a ton of clips everywhere to help with weight and to hold stuff in place. There is a camel-pack pocket along the back (no camel pack insert though). The main pocket is pretty big, though it doesn't seem like it on the outside. There are a lot of pockets inside, of different sizes--some mesh. It can hold a tablet and maybe a small laptop, but not a large one. It seems like it's a good material and well made. The zippers seems decently strong.

The catch--It's a little narrower than a book bag. Same height, but skinner. Though what it lacks in width, it makes up for in length. This bag expands outward, a lot (to me).

What's most important, is that my husband likes it. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because we just got it today and it hasn't been put through the paces, yet. I'll update this review later after he has used it.


Ok, so.. he has used it on and off for several months - seems to be holding up well. No tears or rips, to my knowledge. Holds everything he needs it to. An

"This is an AMAZING pack. I've started putting together a bug-out kit with a lot of wilderness and survival essentials and I've distributed it amongst an external frame backpack (for me, being the heavy-lifter) and this bag (for my survival partner).

I haven't tested the water-proof aspect of this bag, but it seems decently-lined. It holds a fair amount of gear in the two main pockets and can store a lot of smaller items that need to be more readily-accessible in the small pockets."

 And so many more positive reviews don't miss out on this one go buy it on amazon or click here to buy it now

I received this product for testing and review purposes it more than exceeds expectations.

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