Sunday, February 8, 2015

Ozeri 3 piece knife set with knife holder

I must have 100 or so knives in my house and yet none of them cut very good so of course I was excited when given the opportunity to review the Ozeri knife set with a holder.

The knives have a very sleek design and are fairly lightweight and sturdy. I'm not allowed to use knives in my house so my husband cuts everything (He says I scare him when I use knives). I guess it's true my grandma never let me either she was always scared I would cut my fingers off. My husband says these knives are very sharp and cut better than any we have in our house. Clean up is a breeze and I love that they are not the standard silver blades. These come as 3 different blade sizes for your many household cutting needs. Once cleaned and dried they can be stored in the Ozeri knife holder.

the Ozeri knife holder also has a very sleek stylish design and has the cabin it of being side by side or staggered as pictured. These are sure to brighten up any kitchen. If you are looking to get a good set of knifes or a great holder not like the old wood blocks of a thousand years ago you should check out Ozeri on Amazon at
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Ozeri makes a wide range of products at an affordable price and all their products are back by a 100 % satisfaction guarantee.

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